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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Going, not going...

Past several days have been switching and resting. Little bit of graphical design fiddling with HTML divs and trying to make something working. Found that divs are very hard to control if one is working in percentage world. Now I understand designers why they go to fixed pixels. HTML is not easy to control. At the end I needed to combine TABLE and DIV approach to align things and I am still not satisfied with the result. It could come as crazy statement but HTML/CSS is not covering "floating" layouts easily - a lot of tricks.

When I get saturated with HTML design, then I switch to PHP. Kohana is coming good. Just controller/view system is doing great job. Make template, make control, populate template, do some HTML design. In iterations.

When I get tired, I get out of the circle, read articles, email, messages... and along the way I have stepped on a HTML/JavaScript that may surprise you - whole linux in a browser "terminal" window. Furthermore it turns out that this person  Fabrice Bellard is making a whole simulation of the Terminal and 80x06 and Linux on top in JavaScript! For me this is amazing! A unix/processor emulator within the browser. Try it for yourself: http://bellard.org/jslinux/ Note that you need at least Firefox 4 or Chrome 11 (not the latest Chrome 12). Script will tell you if it is going to work in your browser. This makes my day. There are things worth making.

Another thing I have stepped on is purely mathematical X^4+X^2=1. It says 85% of people cannot solve this. After all this programming, I also found out that I completely forgot some algebraic transformations. Yes I can solve this by using computers - what a waste of CPU cycles, but that would be beside the point. 

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  1. noted it's a full moon. whenever it is I go crazy