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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Identify yourself! :)

We rarely think about how other see us. When I started with Internet in some mid 80ties, internet was fantastically anonymous. Soon afterwards this anonymity was ridiculed in many ways. Then suddenly in 2000+ things take amazing turn: Instead of preserving anonymity, whole approach turned upside down and suddenly people registered to Internet as themselves. Not only that, but they started bluntly sharing their personal lives with others. Once someone's personal life becomes public life, rules of the game change. Someone can actually look what you think, what you like, what tick you. Of course if they are interested in you, which many put forward as an argument. Additionally since you declared that this is yourself on the internet you can use it as some sort of ID. And voila suddenly we have OpenID ... http://openid.net/ extremely useful but double edge sword web facility.

There is another side of the coin too. Do you google yourself? What google knows about you someone will also research if they are interested in you. Who that may be? One very important player in your life - your employer! Internet savvy employers may screen candidates by their digital footprint. So I will ask you again: do you google yourself sometimes? I found out that I am contributor to some church in Vancouver area :) I am not of course, but searching my name and surname brings lot of funny outcomes. Even photos!!!

To take this thing lightheartedly and see benefit of it rather than dark side it does pay a little bit of attention what you publicly say....

On the other hand you may gain something else ... being recognized. How to do that read on http://www.avc.com/a_vc/2011/12/lightweight-identity.html

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